Rules & Format

Format & Rules – Summer League 2018

The League to be governed by committee including Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer elected by registered players at the AGM.


Entrance fee £40 per season.

All players to be registered with the league before playing.
Chairman to informed of any new players before 8pm on match day.
Deadline for additional players is 4 weeks after the season starts
unless authorised by the committee in exceptional circumstances.
No transfers allowed once played for a team unless authorised by the league.

No transferring to another venue mid-season unless exceptional circumstances

League Format

Teams to consist of 6 players or more

Match to start no later than 8pm
Minimum of 4 players to constitute a match.

The board shall be 5’8″ high to the bull and 7′ 9 1/4″ along the floor to a fixed oche
with adequate lighting.
The amount scored to be written on chalk board before deduction
Away team may provide a checker if they wish

A Match will consist of :-

  • 2 x Threes – 501 – Best of 3 Legs
  • 6 x Singles – 501 – Best of 3 Legs
  • 3 x Pairs – 501 – Best of 3 Legs

2 points for a win, e.g. 6-5, 7-4 etc.
Asterisk on match card denotes 1st throw

No undue delays between games so the match can finish at a reasonable time

Where a team has only 5 players the 2nd game of 3’s can be played with 2 players but will forfeit a turn every 3rd throw.
The same rule applies with 4 players with 1 player forfeiting 2 throws.

Where a team is unable to field 6 players in the singles, a bye(s) will be awarded to the opposing team as a 2-0 result in the final game(s) of singles.

Where a team has only 5 players for the pairs a single player may play in the last game forfeiting a throw

Where a team has only 4 players for the pairs the last game will be awarded to the opposing team

All players to be present before 9pm to be eligible to play unless agreed between captains prior to the match

Players awarded bye(s) to be entered on the match card for the purpose of the aggregate.

A match to be played in full irrespective of the scoreline

Playing of an unregistered player will result in an 11-0 forfeit, a £15 fine and a 2pt deduction.

Captains to ensure 180’s & High Shot Outs ( 100+ ) have been entered and match card checked and signed.
180s & HSOs to count only in the league. Only entries on the match card will be accepted.

In the event of teams finishing level on points at the end of the season the head to head record will be the first deciding factor. If teams are still level after the head to head record the leg difference will be the determining factor. Failing this criteria, a play-off will ensue

Home team captain to be responsible for sending in of match card.

Match cards to reach secretary within 5 days of the game, by E-Mail only, or a £5 fine will be imposed.

If a match card has not been received within 10 days, a 0 – 11 result will be imposed with a £10 fine and a 1pt deduction

The Chairman to be informed first if any team cannot fulfill their fixture
Any teams not attending without notifying the league without sufficient notice, a 0-11 result will be imposed and a £15 fine to cover food or travel costs.
All fines to be paid before competition entry deadline date

Matches to be played in a friendly and sporting manner, appropriate action will be taken should the League receive complaints regarding aggressive, abusive or anti social behaviour.

There is now a players charter and by signing on for any team all players will be representing not just their team but the league as well.

Anything else not covered in the rules will be decided at the committees discretion

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