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Established for over 25 years we have a winter league which takes place on a Monday
and in the summer we run a Wednesday night league.
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After an official complaint regarding the behaviour of Central D and imparticular
Steve Atkins in the game against Everton on 3rd May 2017 the committee have
decided to administer an official written warning to Central D and have
pinpointed certain issues that need to be addressed, failure to comply to our rules
and guidelines will be dealt with and could result in suspension
or even expulsion from the league should the committee deem it neccessary.

It is part of the captains duties to make sure all their players are aware of their
responsibilities and although we appreciate the competitive nature of darts and
the environment we play our game in, there has to be a certain code of conduct
that has to be adhered to.

With the advent of the players charter which states that by signing on for a team
all players are not just representing their side but the league in general and any
unruly, abusive or unsporting behaviour will not be tolerated and any teams or
individuals found contravening this directive will be charged with bringing the
league into disrepute.